The return of Mysteryland to USA was a step up from what it was last year. From better campgrounds to great sound, here are some of the best moments of 2015.

1. Upgrades to Holy Ground Camping


Anyone that camped last year at the inaugural Mysteryland remembers how bad the mud got and how all carts and wagons were actually more difficult to use upon entering the holy ground camping area. This year, roads were added to the campground along with road signs and information towers that made navigating the campsite much easier and more efficient. More shower and bathroom stations were added as well, which made a noticeable difference. On top of the upgrades, campers got two stages this year instead of one. The BangOn! NYC bus made a return and received well-deserved upgrade to their stage that included another school bus and dance floor.

2. The boisterous crowd


Nobody likes the moment when the music stops and reality sets in that it’s actually over. One gentleman took it upon himself to help brighten people’s nights up by offering people some lettuce. Not sure how he managed to get it at 2am but at least he was sharing. This is an example of what the crowd was like this year. People were relatively respectful of each other, their property and their space on the campgrounds and festival grounds.

3. The art on show was stunning


Mysteryland 2014 came with a plethora of decorations placed amongst the campground. This year didn’t disappoint either. This year festival goers explored hanging mailboxes with surprise messages inside, a chair swing covered in teddy bears next to a massive inflatable teddy bear and white bird cages swinging lightly in the wind. To top it off, there was a metal structure presented by Incendia that featured a fire proof ceiling that traps combusting gas and send a blast of warmth down to the spectators lying and sitting below. On the chillier nights, this was a nice escape from the music.

4. The lip-smacking grub 


This year, the food vendors provided an abundance of delicious food to the festival goers. The selection included BBQ provided by Big Kev’s BBQ, campers received a special grilled cheese truck provided by Say Cheese Jax, Calzones by Luigi’s Calzones, Pizza from Belle Aroma Pizza and homemade fries by Home Frite of Brooklyn. These vendors provided friendly staff and delicious food that kept the crowd fueled up throughout the weekend.

(All Images Courtesy: Mysteryland Facebook)