You can tell by the popularity of football themed best NZ online casino games that a lot of people love this game. Perhaps football isn’t your thing, and maybe you are just looking for a feel-good cinematic experience. Then check out these fantastic football films. We are sure that football fanatics will agree that these are some of the best movies ever made in Hollywood.

Brian’s Song

Inspired on the genuine relationship of Chicago Bears players Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers, this tearjerker chronicles the odd pair as their connection grows when Piccolo is stricken with terminal cancer shortly after going pro.

Friday Night Lights

An uneasy Texas community fights its social and best online casino problems on the football field with the help of a tremendously successful school squad. When the team’s top player goes down in the first match of the playoffs, it’s up to the current coach to keep the players, and also the community, afloat. The me movie is quite thrilling and old school and it comes with a lot of references in popular movies as well.

Remember the Titans

This movie was not only entertaining, it addresses different social issues as well. Everyone is stunned when a tiny community in 1970s Virginia, which celebrates football as if it were a holy day, is forced to integrate its football team. The film tells the actual tale of a didactic African-American coach and his effort to establish a greater community via football, the town’s lifeblood.


 This movie is a rom-com that also has some sports sections as well.  It looks at how a 1920’s football captain on his journey to create the sport became more thrilling and entertaining. He recruits a renowned military veteran to assist him in bringing greater attention to the sport, as both men compete for the love attention of a specific newswoman.