Forget all your everyday worries with a trip to Sea You “Beach Republic”.
It is a super sized event set against the backdrop of the beautiful Tunisee in Freiburg-Hochdorf and is the perfect place to enjoy the summer sun, take a deep breath of fresh air and fully enjoy one of the best and most popular electronic dance music festivals.
Water sports and swimming in the sea offer great ways to enjoy yourself next to the music which comes on multiple sates form world class names.
Here are five of our favourites this year.

Marcel Fengler

Marcel Fengler has been at the heart of the European techno scene for decades. His sets at Berghain in Berlin are legendary. He plays across the techno spectrum with elemetns of EBM, industrial and whatever else all adding up to somethign colourful and climactic.

Maceo Plex

The Ellum Audio boss is a king of the melodic techno scene. His label serves up the sub-genre’s best sounds, and his sets are intergalactic trips of the highest order. He brings ral amtosphere and ciemtnaic synths to his work which makes it all the more out of this world.

Eats Everything

The big man from Bristol is a master at giving the crowd what they want. Big bass, big beats, jungle, heavy techno, all with know how and well sequenced selections that make for a proper trip. Deffo one to catch for sure.


This deep house shaman knows how to cook up alluring spells that go into soul and funk and all house grooves. He does so in his iconic golden bird mask which makes it all the more mysterious and magical, One to see this summer no doubt.

Paul Kalkbrenner

There are no more revered live acts in all of techno that the one this German puts together. He has been touring it around the world for decades and it just keeps on getting better. Synths, drums, epic basslines and futuristic soul all make it an immersive pleasure.