We know you’ve been too busy to book. Which is why we’re made things easier for you. 

The Absolut Enchanted Valley Carnival has been a hit ever since it began in 2013 and, to this day, stands tall during the packed festival time of the year. To help you make your way to this festival, The Sherp has created the best possible budget for the two-day extravaganza.

The festival, which started out as India’s first experimental music festival, has come a long way and this year they have revamped it to suit everyone possible with the addition of a huge Bollywood line-up including favourites like Arijit Singh, Farhar Live!, Papon and, to top it all off, incredible international headliners Alan Walker and Flo Rida. Many other huge names in the electronic music genre will be taking the festival by storm over the five unique stages present at the venue, including over 40 artists from around the globe!

The experience will be one-of-a-kind with so much going on at the venue like sports activities, bonfires, the food and all that underneath the beautiful open sky and clean air of Lonavala. If that doesn’t tempt you to go to the festival, the budget will.

Take a look at the most budget-friendly last minute way of getting around for the best two days of the remaining year.

1. The Festival Pass

If you were one of the lucky ones who stalked the website whenever possible, then you probably managed to score the early bird tickets (lucky you!). But if you’re still the broke student getting by with pocket money, the tickets for both days are available for INR 3,570 while an adult ticket is for INR 4,000. Daily passes cost INR 2,125 and INR 2,500 respectively and considering the line-up this year, its a really good deal. Get your passes here.

2. How To Get To The Festival

Aamby Valley City is possibly the best venue for this time of the year with its warm days and chilly nights and getting there is not a hassle at all. People from Mumbai have to drive for a total of three hours via many available buses with cheap options, all under INR 300! Those travelling from Delhi and Bengaluru will have to fly in last minute at a higher price because of the late booking (keep this in mind for next year everyone from Delhi) Here are some of the best prices we found on Sky Scanner:

New Delhi:


With these prices, it’s safe to say that the average cost for the travel will be at least INR 12,000. We swear this is the most amount of money you will be spending for those two days!

3. The Stay

Perhaps the best part about the festival is the living accommodation for the two days. The venue has a huge tenting area where you can rent your own tent with the two man tent at INR 7,200 for two nights, along with sleeping bags, blankets and pillows. What more do you need for just two days? They also have options for luxury camps equipped with iron-cast beds, mattresses, pillows, a shower, tables, luggage racks and more for INR 56,000. But if the campsite accommodation is full, a few Airbnb options are available at an average of INR 3,000 per day.

Hotels are running out of space as we speak too. But a few good options (if they aren’t snatched up already) are:

(Credits: www.evc.co.in)

4. The F&B Expenditure

(Credits: www.timeout.com)

Since you’ll be at the festival, most of your food and beverage expenditure will be at the venue with at least INR 1,500 being spent there per day. We know that the demonetization has come at a really wrong time but the festival is going completely cashless with hassle-free transactions at the bar, merchandise as well as food and beverages! Obviously additional costs will be included if you’re staying there overnight or ordering food at your place of stay. Rounding that up will come to INR 4,000.

5. The Final Count

Credits: facebook.com/enchantedvalleycarnival

After all this calculation we have to up our math skills to the test like Zach Galafinakis in The Hangover. So it’s going to be passes (4,000) + travel (12,000) + stay (6,000) + F&B (4,000) = INR 26,000 (if taxes apply)

Don’t forget to carry more cash for any extra spending on the merchandise or yourself.

We’ll see you there peeps!