The rager is giving us life!

Israeli hip-hop group BEMET are gearing up for their return to India at the Lurm Festival in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan on the 23rd to 25th of December. But before they take centre stage, they have graced us with a cover track of our favourite EDM DJ – Nucleya!

The groups leader, Hod Moshonov, took to Facebook to upload a synth cover of Nucleya’s track ‘Mumbai Song’. He took to the social media website to record a small clip of him ripping the track flawlessly without missing a single beat on the already crazy track! Check it out for yourself:

But this isn’t the first time has has covered one of the bass king’s songs. He has previously covered ‘Bhayanak Aatma’ as well as ‘Bakar Bakar’ in a similar short clip style and we’re not gonna lie, all of them are addictive as hell.

This is the second time BEMET will be taking audiences by a storm with the electrifying music that will have you jumping forever. Make sure you catch them play live at the festival this month because you’ll be missing out on a shit-ton of fun if you don’t.