This new scientific study says that people who attend music festivals regularly are happier in life!

Music has been the subject of some researches pivoted around younger people in health sciences, but the psychological research had not been explored much.

According to a study from Australia, people who regularly attend various music scenes are overall happier in life than the rest of y’all cynics out there!

Turns out, this particular popularity of music events featuring multiple artists is specifically found in the target audience and was researched thoroughly which led to the conclusion that, in fact, the audience had a better sense of informed style and attitude along with a feeling of contentedness within them!

Credits: instagram @weknowfestivals

The study from researchers at Victoria’s Deakin University surveyed 1,000 Australians and found out that people who indulge in any communal experience related with music, may it be a huge-production popular music festival or just a gathering with friends and music, are more satisfied with their lives. This also concludes that musical festivals actually affect our well-being, as being psychologically healthy is a prerequisite of being health, overall.
Nonetheless, this other research claims that the people who make music tend to live shorter lives. So looks like the same effects don’t seem to be shared among the people making music. Well, we have our full faith in music and we know it’s going to impact everyone to stay healthier and happier !

Stay happy, folks !