Boozing and working on your body is the best deal we’ve heard so far!

UACTIV+ and LIVitup-Hangover Shield have come together to create the best workout practice, Beer Yoga with Dhara Vachharajani!

Yup, its the best thing ever since the last breakup of your favourite celebrity couple (Brangelina *sobs*) on the 27th of May at Verbena BrewPug and Sky Garden, Lower Parel. Now even though this isn’t the standard way yoga is practiced, its a fun way to carry out an activity in comfy clothes with your buddies, while chugging down a cold one.

All you need to do is buy your ticket for the event for INR 800 which will also include a pint of beer along a packet of LIVitup and show up, only if you’re over 21 years old, that is! Signing up for the event through the UACTIV app will win you and additional pint too! So download it right here!

Don’t forget to carry your yoga mats though! Read more about the event right here.