a time of tremendous growth for Beatport and Beatsource’s LINK technology, today marks the launch of their integration with Algoriddim djay on mobile (iOS) and djay Pro on desktop (Mac). Having won multiple Apple Design Awards and been named Best Music App of the Year by DJ Mag, today’s free update to djay and djay PRO brings a seamless integration of Beatport and Beatsource LINK, including the industry’s only Offline Locker, Top 100 Tracks, and professionally curated playlists. Users of Algoriddim’s djay performance software can instantly access important track metadata like Key and BPM from both Beatport and Beatsource, with the ability to save favorite tracks straight into playlists. djay’s ‘Match’ feature also seamlessly integrates with LINK, providing track recommendations on-the-fly to help users find the perfect next track to mix and to discover endless new music based on what they are playing.

At a time where having diverse and affordable methods of DJing is more essential than ever, Beatport LINK, and the recently launched Beatsource LINK, come to Algoriddim djay at a critical moment, and open the door even further to DJs of all skill levels. With the combo of LINK and djay, users can start mixing the best in electronic or open-format music quickly and seamlessly with their existing DJ hardware, including djay Pro’s official certification for use with the CDJ line of hardware by Pioneer DJ, as well as over 100 other DJ controllers directly out of the box.

Additionally, all metadata such as cue points, loops, etc. are synchronized so users can use Beatport and Beatsource on the go with djay on their iPhone or iPad and then perform on the Mac with all of their data synchronized across all devices. Beatport and Beatsource users can now explore the respective extensive music catalogues on the go by storing up to 100 tracks in LINK’s Offline Locker, practice their sets, add tracks they discover, and get to mixing instantly when they get back to their Mac, or simply perform with ease from their iPhone or iPad.

Across their djay software, Beatport and Beatsource LINK users will have access to Automix AI, allowing users to enjoy an automatic mix of their favorite curated playlists, the Beatport and Beatsource Top 100, and genre playlists. The modern user interface that djay provides gives flexible layers of functionality to LINK users alongside the powerful music libraries of Beatport and Beatsource.

Speaking about the integration, Robb McDaniels, CEO of Beatport said, “djay is the most popular mobile app for DJs, so we are extremely excited to integrate both Beatport and Beatsource and make millions of expertly curated songs available to millions of up-and-coming DJs and music tastemakers.”

“I have personally been a djay user for many years,” Brian ‘DJ Quickie’ Wong, President of Beatsource added. “It is so easy to get started DJing in less than a few minutes. The idea that anyone can have an instant DJ collection of millions of songs from the Beatport or Beatsource library is a revelation that has endless potential for the future of DJing. You are no longer limited by what you have, but only by what you can do.”

Continuing to echo thoughts on the landmark integration for djay, Karim Morsy, co-founder and CEO of Algoriddim added, “We’re excited to partner with Beatport and Beatsource to bring the best in electronic and open-format music to millions of djay users. Having the entire Beatport and Beatsource catalogues right at your fingertips, including the top tracks played by the world’s top DJs, opens up a new gateway into the art form. It combines intuitive tools for aspiring DJs with world-class curation right out of the box. Moreover, it transforms the workflow of performing artists allowing them to play, browse, and manage their setlists, anytime and anywhere. This collaboration unlocks endless creative possibilities, and it will inspire the next generation of DJs.”

Both Beatport and Beatsource LINK are available for a 30 day free trial in Algoriddim djay and djay PRO today, as well as all other integrations with Pioneer DJ rekordbox, Virtual DJ, and Hercules DJUCED.

djay for iOS can be found here
djay Pro for Mac can be found here.