The bass at the Bass Center Festival was apparently so strong that people actually thought it was an earthquake upto 5 miles away!

Commerce City, Colorado had some unexpected reactions to Bassnectar’s new festival, Bass Center. Held at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park over the weekend, the music at the festival was said to have caused a “sonic boom” as far as 5 miles away due to music with heavy low end frequencies and loud sound systems. Some residents reported mistaking it for an earthquake even causing their houses to shake.

In response to the complaints, Commerce City Mayor Sean Ford admitted to not researching Bassnectar’s music before issuing the concert permit, but defended the festival saying that they remained within the noise limits outlined in the permit. The first edition of Bass Center featured acts like Porter Robinson, Flux Pavilion, Wu-Tang Clan, Flying Lotus, Lupe Fiasco, AlunaGeorge and Minnesota in addition to Bassnectar himself.