A perfect moment was captured in the midst of Bassnectar’s set, as a guy proposed to his girlfriend with a perfect track playing in the background.

tomorrowworld3(Image Courtesy: Bassnectar Facebook)

The highly anticipated TomorrowWorld came to a close in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend and one couple managed to find their perfect moment, smack in the middle of a Bassnectar set.

tomorrowworld2(Image Courtesy: TomorrowWorld Facebook)

Charles Bruce III decided to propose to his girlfriend, Jessica Moldenhauer during the song ‘You & Me’ and this moment was captured on video. Check it out here:

He surprises her by pulling out the ring and she was stunned, confused, and full of bliss. After she said yes, the couple hugs with an exuberant amount of joy and continue to dance. Here’s the Bassnectar track playing during the proposal:

People finding love at a festival is common, as a lot of these musical gatherings report stories of couples expressing their love with apt music playing in the background.

(Image Courtesy: TomorrowWorld Facebook)