Bass Camp Festival dropped their lineups. Take a look at the artiste roster below!

Conceptualized in 2010, Bass Camp Festival has brought some of the most varied heavy bass acts to India in the last few years. Consistent in their curated lineups, here’s a look at this year’s Bass Camp Delhi and Mumbai lineup.

Delhi –

delhi poster


Mumbai – 



Featuring two UK based headliners, namely Gaudi, the diverse dub-maester and Soom T, the Indian-Scottish songstress known for her experimental prowess, the Mumbai and Delhi lineups are looking pretty great so far. Other acts featured at the festival include B.R.E.E.D, Su Real and several more homegrown acts. 

Take a look at the Bangalore and Pune lineups below!

Bangalore –

bangalore poster copy

Pune –

pune poster



The Bangalore lineup features some equally exceptional acts, including the UK based electronic act Nerm, followed by the likes of Alo Wala, Oceantied, Gautham Reddy and The Untitled One. Whereas the Pune lineup features a keen blend of homegrown acts.

Are you excited about Bass Camp Festival? The festival commences on November 20 (Delhi) and culminates on November 27 (Pune). You can check out some of Gaudi’s music here, and Soom T’s here. Keep tabs here for further updates and more news.