This just in – Bare Noize and Bar9 to perform at Hard Days in Mumbai on 28th March.

While we count days until the event itself, here’s a glimpse of how phenomenal your night could be at LUCID’s upcoming event Hard Days. After recently unveiling their monumental location, The Sherp has more scoop on the much anticipated event. Bare Noize and Bar 9 will be lighting up the reverent surroundings of Liberty Cinema, dates yet to be revealed.

11050213_811787598868538_6264828222781989556_nAn unconventional yet absolutely brilliant amalgamation of electronic music and the wistfulness of Liberty cinema now features two groundbreaking bass acts – Bare Noize and Bar9.

Bare Noize is an electronic/dubstep duo located in London, consisting of Daniel Brown and Oliver Pile. Their music ranges from conventional EDM to experimental dubstep. Here’s some of their music to prepare you for the gig. Reticulum, part of their newest double release, is dark, eerie with an edge that’s intensely vulnerable. The drop amplifies its darker tones and deems the song overall captivating.

Whereas Bar9, consisting of duo Ollie and Martin, are bringing their formidable dubstep sound to Mumbai – refined yet hard-hitting, Bar9’s style is exuberant and bold. Here’s a glimpse of their latest EP Brave New World, an eclectic combination of dark and refreshing sounds.

Stay updated about Hard Days by following LUCID’s Facebook page. More details, such as event dates and the like are on their way, so do stay tuned.

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