If you gonna be my lover, you gotta get with my band. 

Being a part of a band or a group is not an easy task. You’re constantly surrounded by people who might have different opinions and views but you somehow manage to scrape through in order to follow your passion. However, there comes a time when people can’t handle the constant battle and give in to their own needs which leaves the fans in an eternal state of despair. These break ups broke our heart and then some more:

1. The Spice Girls

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This ultimate girl group from England were at the top of their game where every girl in the world knew that in order to get a guy, he had to get with her friends but Gerri Halliwell didn’t think so. Ginger Spice decided to leave the band to start her solo career and left the girls. Rumours about Victoria’s diva-like behaviour and clashes with the others ultimately ended up the the gang splitting up. They united for a few shows but won’t record any new music together. This one hurts the same to date.

2. Oasis

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It’s a well known fact that siblings fight; but these brothers do it on a whole new level. Liam and Noel Gallagher had a huge blowout in 2009, two decades after the band was formed and the next day Noel left the band citing that he could not work with Liam any longer. Apparently the brothers haven’t spoken to each other since then. Both have had their own bands now but have no plans of seeing each other anytime soon.

3. Destiny’s Child

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Just a few months after gaining recognition, two members of the trio left and were replaced my Michelle and Kelly Rowling with Beyonce at their side. The group toured world wide and were known for their matching outfits. They never announced an official break but when Beyonce’s solo career took off, the split was inevitable.

4. The Beatles

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This rock band is still influential in the music industry, years after John Lennon’s death. The band released material that took over the world and created “Beatle mania”. But even the madness couldn’t keep them together for long. With tension between Paul McCartney and John Lennon at an all time high, Yoko Ono’s involvement in the clash was the last straw and the group never got together again.

5. One Direction

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They were stated to be the next thing, as big as the Beatles. But these boys got their hand at fame a bit too early, if we say. Band member Zayn left the group due to issues with his own individuality and feeling like a “sellout”. The boys stayed together despite Zayn’s impressive and slightly more open solo album but announced a break from the music scene. They haven’t confirmed a revival for the band and girls all over the planet are sobbing over the loss.

6. My Chemical Romance

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Black Parade was an album that shook the core of every emo kid with smudged eyeliner and black clothing and the day lead Gerard Way announced the split was the saddest day of all time. Originally the split was said to have been caused due to Mikey Way’s extramarital affair which was revealed on social media, but the band announced that this was false and it was their collective decision to part. It’s still depressing and I want them back!

7. The Police

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The band was formed by drummer Stewart Copeland, but tension rose when Sting started taking all the decisions and the others felt like his employees. After a hugely successful tour, Sting pulled the plug on the others about his departure and never looked back. Guess Roxanne didn’t have to put on the red light in this scenario.

8. The White Stripes

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This band was infamous for infectious drum beats and electric solos to die for, but they too didn’t last. The issues ranged from Meg’s anxiety when it came to live performances to Jack finding it difficult to lean away from his natural style of music. Meg has left the musician life while Jack now has a stellar solo career.

9. Smashing Pumpkins

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For the longest time this split was thought to be because of lead Billy Corgan’s need to play bass on their album which did not get approval from the other members. When two of their members overdosed on heroin, leading to ones death, it was too much for them to handle. They disbanded and haven’t had any desire to get back together ever again.

10. LCD Soundsystem

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This psychedelic dance group went out with a bang. They announced their split and held a sold out show in New York in 2011 that was recorded and sold a few million copies. But they did a show at the Bonaroo Festival this year! DOES THIS MEAN WHAT I THINK IT MEANS? IT BETTER!