Bandish Projekt is back with a newly released EP titled ‘KatalKalla’.

Composer, producer, DJ, performer and multi-instrumentalist – Mayur Narvekar, recently released a new album through Bandish Projekt and guess what, the EP was in the making for a year! 

Titled ‘KatalKalla’, the EP features Mumbai Rap Crew Swadesi – MC Mawali and MC TodFod, and explores a variety of subjects including different elements of street life in Mumbai.

What’s fascinating is that the music video for their song ‘KarNatak’ was filmed in the heart of the labour camp in the heart of Dharavi, while the video for ‘Dakla’ featured the recreational celebration of Navratri along with Gujarati rap from MC TodFod.

Now, coming to the music on the EP, every track holds a special story and style in itself:

Combining Konnakol and rap, ‘KarNatak’ is a collaboration with MC Mawali and MC TodFod. The song talks about how people fake their identity and show a different picture to the world. For those who are unaware, ‘Konnakol’ is the art of performing percussion syllables vocally in Carnatic music.

‘Dakla’, on the other hand, is the purest form of Gujarati folk music. What’s interesting is that this is the first collaboration of Gujarati rap (by MC TodFod) and Dakla, mixed with a heavy dose of Gondhal. After all, to attend the world’s longest traditional dance festival (Navaratri); you’ll need something to trip on, won’t you?

While you take in the rich range of cultural music on the album; don’t miss out on ‘Ek Se Aanth’ which focuses on both the real and reel life shown in the world.

Experience the experiment between vocal percussion and Hindi Rap with another worthwhile track ‘MaQsad’. Once again, this track features the collaborative magic of MC Mawali and MC TodFod.

Also catch ‘Mumbai Aamchi’, a track that features street sounds profiling MC Mawali and his day-to-day life experiences. This one will hold a special place for all Mumbaikars.

Speaking about the EP, Mayur said, “Working on katal was great experience, as we were not just working on Hip Hop music but trying to create something fresh and unique with the lyrical content mixed with rhythm patterns and exploring the possibility and attempting something new. Hip Hop has always been about story telling and a form of expression of what the artist is about and his life. Bandish Projekt’s vision with MC Mawali & Tod Fod was to see how the horizon of music & rap marriages with each other and to create and beautiful piece of music.”

With a series of hits to its name already; this EP is definitely worth checking out. Get it now right here