Badshah is the second artist out of the three other artists collaborating on the Tuborg OPEN project.

“Tuborg OPEN”, a global collaborative music  platform, started as a fresh campaign by Tuborg, has just announced that Indian rapper, Badshah will be one of three artists who will be collaborating with Major Lazer as part of the “Tuborg OPEN” project. The project is an open to interpretation experiential which will see these artists build upon beats laid out by award winning producers, Major Lazer. Major Lazer are best known for their hit collaborations with MØ (Lean On), Justin Bieber (Cold Water) and many more. The trio consisting of Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, lay the groundwork for the artists by phasing out a 3 track original series, that came out all through June and July.

The project encourages people to explore and discover new global sounds, as Major Lazer also comes up with an original Tuborg Beat, inspired by diverse cultures and rhythms, for each collaborating track. Badshah becomes the second collaborating artist, with the first act – Russian rap and hip-hop artist, Scriptonite, having been announced in April this year.  The third and final act to be part of the Tuborg OPEN project is Chinese pop megastar, Chris Lee (Li Yuchun).

Credits: Tuborg

Badshah is the only “Indian Artist” with over 10 songs having over 100 million views on YouTube. Here’s what he had to say about being able to collaborate on the project, “I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Carlsberg India for the last 3 years on their Tuborg Zero campaigns. It was the next progressive step to collaborate on a Global Beat that crosses boundaries and reaches the world. I am extremely excited to be working with Major Lazer on the Tuborg Open Project, which is an amazing platform for global and cultural amalgamation of music. I have been a huge fan of Major Lazer for a long time and they have done a phenomenal job in redefining Dance Music across the globe. This project has given us an opportunity to bring our common forte of making people dance, and bring them together with the Tuborg Beat and I am expecting the result to be fun and exciting!”

Each collaborating artist will bring their authentic sound, lyrics and signature style to the Tuborg Beat, inspired by their own musical journey. Fans will be privy to the creative process of each artist by watching behind the scenes teaser videos, that are already out.

Tuborg OPEN fosters the idea to explore and discover music in a way never done before. Through the Tuborg OPEN project it will be exciting to see the number of interpretations each artist has to the music and to also see the end product of the creative process.

Mahesh Kanchan, Marketing Director at Carlsberg India says, “The brand has always had a very strong and long-standing association with music and popular culture throughout the world. The ‘Tuborg OPEN’ campaign is a step further, to strengthen our commitment towards music and encourage greater global cultural collaboration. We are very excited to collaborate with Badshah as the representing artist from India. He has been a musical inspiration for fans across cultures with his unique style and we are confident that the music track created using the ‘Tuborg Beat’ as part of this collaboration will be exceptional.”

‘‘Crafting one single beat to work three ways with distinct sounds was a great creative process for us,’’ says DJ and Producer Walshy Fire. ‘’This project allows us to broaden our spectrum with places and people that we usually don’t get a chance to work with, as well as have those people come into our world and working with us in our environment.’’

‘‘Going into these markets is a whole brand-new experience for us,’ remarks DJ and Producer Jillionaire. ‘‘So, it’s just really about trying to learn something from them, about what they’re doing and to see how we can incorporate that into the music that we’re making with them, joining forces to do something that’s much bigger. It’s really cultural immersion in its purest form.’’

DJ and Producer, Diplo offers his insights and talks about the goals of the Tuborg Open project, “It’s going to be the same back beat for all of the artists to work on, which is very exciting.  Our collaborators are gonna add production, or maybe take it away, but we all agreed the beat we made had to be open to interpretation.  And it’s very open-ended, but it sounds like a Major Lazer song. We’re just excited to see what people are gonna do with it.”

Credits: YouTube

Listen to the new Tuborg beat here, and stay tuned for more updates – a Major Lazer ft. Badshah track is on its way!

Check out Badshah unveiling the exciting new Turborb Beat bottle below:

The Sherp Team was keen to check out the exciting product too and were quite taken with its novelty and uniqueness. Not to mention, trippy beat!

The Sherp Team unveiling the Tuborg Beat Bottle for the first time.