New York Comic Con saw some fiercely spirited fans last week. Check out the convention’s meticulous cosplays below.

NYCC brings some of the most dedicated fans together every year, resulting in a plethora of the most beautiful, life-like and detail-oriented cosplay that represents fan culture at its best. This year saw some of the best Suicide Squad cosplayers– probably in the spirit of the upcoming film, some unexpected creativity and even the Jared Leto and Mark Ruffalo going incognito in their strangely quirky costumes.

Here’s The Sherp’s pick of the incredible cosplays seen in New York last week.


1. Batman v/s Superman 

This guy doesn’t leave much room for imagination.



2. NYCC’s Many Jokers & Harley Quinns

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3. All That Lady Power

Gwen as Spider Woman/Girl

Gwen as Spider Woman/Girl

4. Zombie Captain America?

nycc zombie america


5. This Very Authentic Penguin

nycc penguin


6. The Irony

7. Good One, Mark Ruffalo

The Marvel actor wore a funny mask and posed with people in pictures that he later posted on Instagram. Read more about it here!

8. This Grotesque Brilliance

The Infected from The Last of Us.

nycc infected


9. Boldemort

A.k.a. He Who Must Not Be Named

nycc voldy


10. Edward Scissorhands

nycc edward


11. Super-Tight-Crotch-Man

Who, strangely, does look a bit like Henry Cavill.

nycc superman

Via: @mynameisnavy/Instagram

12. War Boy, Capable and Immortan Jane

nyccc mad max


13. Samwell Tarly of Horn Hill

Making up for last year’s abundance of Jon Snows.

nycc sam


14. This Hilariously Creative McThor

Ronald McDonald to the rescue. (Only the worthy shall carry the weight of the McChicken.)

nycc mcthor

15. Rita Skeeter, Journalist For The Daily Prophet

One of the best Harry Potter cosplays. Ever.

nycc skeeter

16. The Inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary

nycc oitnb

Via: @geekchicksuperfreak/Instagram

17. This Massive, Functional, (Did We Mention Massive?) Iron Man Suit

nycc suit

nycc ironnycc iron man gif