Baba Sehgal is back at it again with them fire songs! 

Every time you think Baba Sehgal has gone quiet for a couple of weeks, you will be proved wrong. He will never go quiet and his creativity and genius will never cease to amaze! This time he’s back with another insanely ridiculous song. (Ridiculous for some, probably catchy for someone else). The song called “Tar Tar Tar” is an ode penned for the lonesome frog that wandered into Baba’s lawn. The lyrics are the usual we’ve come to expect from the lyrical maestro like “OMG, frog is a creature of nature with some curvature, gone is my headache and temperature”. The video has the typical stock footage of random girls dancing and sees him do some dance step with his hands.

The song’s approach doesn’t end there. Baba Sehgal has gone ahead and pushed his boundaries a little more. He has challenged people to learn the signature “Tar Tar” step shown in the video and wants people to challenge and nominate their friends. Wow.

The challenge called the #TarTarChallenge might see some people taking part in it, might not. Who knows? Because with Baba Sehgal, nothing will turn out the way you expect it! 

For now, we nominate you for the #TarTarChallenge.