If sources are to be believed, Baba Ramdev wants the Indian edition of EDC to be renamed “Electric Desi Carnival”, whenever it reaches our shores.

There are rife rumours that this name change is also due to political pressure, as some prominent netas allegedly objected over the use of the word “daisy” in the festival’s name, and threatened to cancel the festivities if the word “lotus” wasn’t used instead. Meanwhile, figures in the electronic music scene are not at all happy with these rumours.

Pasquale Rotella, the founder, has also claimed that he has received death threats from unknown sources regarding the lineup, claiming that people have asked him to reserve 50% of EDC India’s lineup slots for suitable (usually unsuitable) SC, ST, NT and OBC candidates.

To make things worse, Baba Ramdev has embraced the idea of “festival transformation” and hopes that he can conduct yoga workshops at EDC India, in addition to shoving his own brand of Patanjali festival munchies down festival goers’ throats.

Will this be a sight at Electric Desi Carnival? (Courtesy: www.businessalligators.com)

These unwelcome changes might tarnish EDC’s image in the subcontinent, as many ardent fans had really high hopes from the festival. There has been no word on the venue yet, though the organisers are looking for space in areas that are less likely to have local policemen demanding free passes.

With all this coming to light, we have only two words to describe this: For Real?

(DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A SATIRICAL PIECE (obviously). Every Friday, The Sherp will post an over-the-top satire piece on anything in the festival world. We do not mean any disrespect to anyone mentioned in this article and all further satire pieces.  Thank you for your attention.)