The Swedish House Mafia rumours never die and now there’s a new one to add to the fire!

This is not a drill! The SHM reunion rumours have always been on the rife and this time it seems like it might actually be true. Axwell^Ingrosso recently played a banger set at the Amsterdam Dance Event that concluded last weekend. They dropped two new ID tracks, which were similar to the very well-known style of the famed trio. Adding to that speculation, a recently deleted tweet by Axwell himself is raising questions about the much awaited and hope for reunion that might happen next year!

The date given in the image is 26th March, which matches with Ultra Music Festival’s Sunday. The fact that he also wrote “The countdown to the new era” shows that it might be a new era in music.

The most striking component of the tweet is the logo itself. The logo shows “AIA”. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that A stands for Axwell and I for Ingrosso. The other A is what is getting people curious. Many people are speculating that the other A might be Alesso. Alesso was always there since the inception of Swedish House Mafia from the beginning. Add to that, this Instagram post by manager Amy Thomson who happens to manage all three of the guys, we just can’t stop hyperventilating!

If all this speculation bears any fruit, it’s going to be one of the biggest comebacks in musical history!