Weddings have turned into a place where people let their creative juices flow, and this one is definitely to our liking.

In a secluded meadow near Yosemite National Park, Brit Castanos and Jeff Osborne had a beautiful music festival-themed wedding. The environment and the activities were all festival-inspired, from camping, to decor, and even some rock ‘n roll music to set it off perfectly.

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“No buildings, no traffic, just natural beauty, golden sunsets and fresh air,” Castanos said, describing the gorgeous wedding perfectly. “We also wanted to sleep in the meadow all weekend long, and if we wanted to, party and dance all night long.”

The tents that the guests stayed in were actually quite lavish and comfortable, with beds, nightstands, rugs and seating areas. There was flowing hot water, and even toilets that flushed!


She added, “Jeff and I hardly incorporated any sort of formalities or rules throughout the entire weekend. No rally around and watch the bouquet toss, no sit-down dinner. It was, ‘The buffet’s out, eat whenever you want, sit wherever you want.'”