The Sydney Festival Of Really Good Sex has been held since 2011 and has been surprisingly well received.

The Festival Of Really Good Sex, held from January 22-26 in Sydney, is a safe haven for festival goers to explore what they considered good sex and their own sexuality & identity.


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As their website states :
“The Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex is a place to play, learn and think more about such questions. We provide an inclusive, safely held, experientially based, above all creative, informed and ethical alternative to what is currently on offer in the contemporary Australian landscape.”


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This year’s attendees had a comprehensive schedule of workshops and performance evenings and a party to choose from, ranging from the quite sweet-sounding Making Babies to Porn Yoga for porn lovers, in which participants were encouraged (via both live and video demonstrations) to develop a more mindful approach to masturbating to pornography, an orgasmic breathing and moaning workshop and a Please Daddy workshop which was all about a sort of BDSM relationship between a “daddy” & “baby girl” and the eroticism of a father figure.
—– (Source : Guardian)

Watch festival creator Peter Banki talk about the concept behind the festival :