This queer boutique music festival will befittingly be called Gaytimes.

Having been a queer party institution in Australia for seven years, it wasn’t a surprise when CLOSET decided it was time for a boutique music festival of their own. “There’s something about dancing in the sunshine or under the stars that you can’t replicate in a club,” says festival organiser Anna Whitelaw. “And there’s something magical about spending the weekend in the wilderness. There is something freeing about being surrounded by other queer people, and knowing you can dance with your girlfriend or boyfriend without anyone gawking at you.”

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Gaytimes is going to happen at a purpose-built campsite in Kinglake, and there’s going to be 40 hours of music, art installations and lights, pool parties, film screenings, yoga and sexuality workshops. There won’t be more than 500 people at the festival, since the organisers are going for a quality over quantity approach. Attendees can BYO everything, although there are going to be some food trucks and coffee vans. A lot of costumes, body paint, glitter and angel wings can be expected in general.