Experience a unique blend of funk, jazz, blues and electronica with Prem Joshua & Band.

At the tender age of 16, this German artist picked up an Indian musical instrument and the rest became history. Flautist-saxophonist Joshua could have pursued a career in Jazz, Rock or a number of other genres, but little did he know the major turn his life would take.

After meeting Indian musical maestro Ravi Shankar and Sarod-legend Ali Akbar, the young star was exposed to Indians styles of music, sealing his fate forever. The young artist soon came to India and learnt to play the Sitar and Bansuri. He even adopted the Indian name of Prem Joshua!

Credits: facebook.com/PremJoshuaAndBand

Now, four decades later, the artist, along with his crossover band, plans to showcase their crossover style while fusing Indian and western elements together.

In addition to Joshua’s Sitar and Bansuri playing, the band consists of Dondieu Divin on the keyboards, Raul Sengupta on percussion and laptops, and Satgyan Fukuda on bass.

Speaking about his long connection to India, Joshua said “As a young music student, I started exploring different genres. I heard a duet by Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan, and it completely mesmerised me. I decided that I must go to India one day. So after high school, I left home much against the wishes of family and friends.”

Credits: facebook.com/PremJoshuaAndBand

But choosing to take this career path didn’t come easy for the star. He said,Everyone thought I was ruining my future, but I felt otherwise. I had chosen my own passion, [to follow] my own inner voice, my own intuition and yearning. I didn’t know where my journey would take me, but India had embraced me.”

To Joshua, India isn’t just another geographical location. “It is a way of living, there is a spiritual dimension. And music is inseparable from it,” he says.

So who’s his favourite Indian musician? “[The late] sitar maestro Nikhil Banerjee and flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia.”

Over the years, the artist’s albums like HamsafarDesert VisionsSecret Of The WindWater Down The GangesShiva MoonDance Of Shakti, and Luminous Secrets have gained a lot of attention.

So check out Prem Joshua’s music to witness the finely tuned blend of traditional and western musical styles.