It’s where you should be looking for the next Warhol.

One of the greatest art festivals in the world, Art Basel has been described by Vogue as ‘the most beautiful temporary museum in the world’ and ‘the Olympics of the art world’ by the New York Times. Held in the city of Basel, the festival is one of its kind and unmatched due to the beautiful showcases every year.

Here are the reasons why it’s the example all other art festivals should follow.

1. The festival travels


The festival holds its flagship events in the quaint city of Basel every year although Switzerland is not the only place it is held. It is also held in Miami and Hong Kong and each of these editions are responsible for bringing a lot of incredible talent together. Modern and contemporary artworks by established and newly emerging artists + artwork by participating galleries, the festival is visited by hundreds of art speculators and students.

2. It’s the perfect meeting point for tech and art

Art and technology have shared a pretty amazing relationship over the years. Though first seen as complete opposites, the two have managed to come together to form an incredible alliance, one that has inspired artists and wowed audiences for quite some time now. Art Basel is the perfect example of this. The festival hosts works by artists who have really managed to break through the ordinary and create something magnificent. Last year, Swiss artist Raphael Hefti displayed a creation where an aluminium cutting machine procured all kinds of fantastic shapes. Here is a glimpse!

3. Old and new talent



Some 90,000 artists, gallery owners, museum directors, private collectors and other art lovers gather for what insiders call ‘the annual family meeting of the art world’. The festival is known to shed light on some seriously great but unknown artists. But Art Basel is also a place where you can expect gallery legends such as Pierre Soulages, Leo Lozano and Doug Aitken. It’s the perfect place for you to check out the new players on the field, as well as find out what the favourites are upto. This year

4. The art explodes all over the city



No this isn’t just some showcase event tucked away in a gallery. Art Basel encompasses the entire city for the duration of the festival as galleries all over the city busy themselves to put up one kickass show. A total of 14 galleries showed in Basel for the very first time for the 2015 edition. Alongside private collectors from Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia, representatives and groups from over 80 museums and institutions from across the world were in attendance. The number of galleries participating and hosting the festival this year is expected to be much higher than last year.

5. Statements



This is the name of the festival’s solo presentation sector. Here, is where you can witness some seriously amazing creativity and the opportunity to discover the work of emerging artists and young galleries. The Baloise Art Prize will be awarded to up to two artists exhibiting in Statements, with recipients being announced during the show. The festival is known for it’s carefully curated artworks, so keep in mind you are watching some of the best talents in the world.

The festival takes place from June 16 to 19.