Makes sure you don’t miss out on Armin’s biggest solo show ever!

Fans of Armin van Buuren who weren’t able to get a ticket for the sold-out ‘The Best Of Armin Only’ shows on May 12th and May 13th in the Amsterdam Arena, have been given a reason to smile!

Armin has announced that there will be a special three-hour live stream of the second show from the Amsterdam Arena ! 

Credits : Armin Only Facebook Page

The live stream, made possible by Corrino Media Group, starts at 9 PM (CEST) on Saturday May 13th and runs for a full three hours, until midnight (CEST). Dutch viewers will not be able to watch the live stream at, but instead are invited to watch the live coverage on Dutch television station RTL 4, starting 9.30 PM (CEST).

“‘Armin Only’ was born out of my desire to play longer sets and to show my more creative side,” Armin said.

“From my first club memories in the Netherlands to the very best of my current Armin Only world tour, all my personal highlights will be featured. This is going to be the most monumental and enticing show ever.”

Armin describes his ‘Best of Armin Only Shows’ as an overview of his 20 years as an artist which combines his early club performances to his personal highlights.

Armin played ‘My Symphony’ for his fans in Miami at this year’s Ultra Music Festival. The song showcased his artistic versatility which combined orchestral sounds and elements of dance music. The stunning piece shows crossover potential and has helped created hype for his newly released album.

The album is a two-disc body of work filled with Armin van Buuren’s timeless classics and exclusive records alike, is also physically available through the ‘The Best Of Armin Only Special Box’, which offers a custom-made sound box in addition to the CDs!

You can check out the Teaser below!

You can check out the website here!

You can also check out his Facebook page here for updates!