The Armin Only: Intense tour has kicked off and will drop anchor in India very soon at the Sunburn Arena in Mumbai!

This time, Armin Only is going to be a thrilling and dramatic spectacle! Armin van Buuren will be accompanied by his entourage – singers who collaborated with him on his album Intense along with a whole bunch of crew. The six vocalists include Trevor Guthrie, Cindy Alma, Fiora, Laura Jensen, Richard Bedford and Lauren Evans. The 6-hour musical extravaganza will also feature Armin’s brother Eller van Buuren and the band Bagga Bownz. The live musicians and vocalists will also be accompanied by dancers and trampolinists.

Here is the first ten-minute episode of the road movie series that documents the rehearsals for the first show in Amsterdam and the behind-the-scenes footage.

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