Much like Tinder, Radiate is an app that helps connect festival goers with mutual interests and a great way to add to your festival squad.

Incorporating technology in festivals is becoming increasingly common. With tech like chip embedded wristbands and cashless payments festivals have improved the overall experience a lot in the past few years. Radiate, a new app, aims to fill a void that has plagued festival goers since ages. Based on a Tinder like mechanism, Radiate allows you to find other attendees with matching interests.


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Now the app has not been built with hook-ups in mind, but rather to connect people who like to go out and make new friends. Users can opt-in to events, and then post images and text for others within the event to see. Users can anonymously say “Hey” to each other, and if both users say “Hey”, a chat will open up between them. In addition to the forums, users can also “swipe” through other users.

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Since most festivals face the problem of network congestion which renders the app useless with a net service, Radiate take their service a step further by setting up their own WiFi, (including servers, a network, and routers) at festivals.

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