For those of you who don’t already know, the Amsterdam Dance Event or ADE is a five day electronic music conference and festival held every October in Amsterdam.

ADE is easily one of the biggest and leading electronic music platforms in the world, accompanied by THE BIGGEST club festival that covers the whole spectrum and taps into every electronic sub-genre. This year, the event will include 2000 artists, 450 events and 100 locations over a span of 5 days. How can that promise anything short of a kickass time?

Here’s a sneak peek into what the festival looks like:

ADE has been around from 1996 and started as just a 3-day conference, but with time as progressed into a 5-day conference + festival that unites and provides a platform for networking, business and critical dialogue in the field of electronic music.
Every year the conference picks a focus country to concentrate on in terms of music, upcoming talent, technology and their general dance music scene. This year South Africa has been announced as

ADE Playground
Of course as the event gets bigger and better, so do its programs. This year, ID&T, ADE, the Green Music Initiative and GO Group will be coming together to organize an ADE Green – promising to be a day of interactive panels, discussions and debates on the power of sustainable innovation and sustainability itself. So you could say the main aim is to start a global Green Dance movement.

The Playground also includes ADE Tech, a forum that focuses on trends, opportunities and developments in and online music which be every Tech aficionado’s dream. This technology showcase

The playground is ADE’s popular platform that features pop-up events, surprise appearances by top DJ’s, special product lines, film screenings, as well – anything to unite promoters and music producers.