Watch how these work out fanatics rage to ‘Welcome To the Jungle’

Electronic dance music has become popular all over the world, from the your local radio station to music festivals and nightclubs – pretty much everywhere you would expect. We’ve heard EDM in gyms across the country, though, this one exercise class has combined getting fit with raging hard.

Starting off with the infectious intro to the track, the first 1.5 minutes is all about the ladies just about warming up (like we all do) right before the smashing drop. So much energy, you will inevitably begin feeling like a potato compared to this bunch. Swaying from side to side with such incredible thump and vigour – it’s hard to explain.

Posted by Alvaro himself on his Facebook, this is 2 minutes of pure energy. Sure to drive you to renewing your gym subscription right away.

Need to kick start your day or just a little push to get you off your couch? Here’s all the motivation you need.

Knock yourself out :


Alvaro is slated to perform at Bangalore‘s own dance music festival : Cirkus Indigo at the Jayamahal Palace on the 1st & 2nd of March,2014.

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