Love is just a button alt-J press.

alt-J is back with a mellow lead single to the band’s upcoming third album, “Relaxer”.

This weekend, alt-J teased the lead single “3WW” and now that we have it, it has become the best start to our week! This track begins as an instrumental music piece that escalates into a vibrant mix of vocals and music. This can be described as soothing as well as trippy and we would just like you to give your 2 cents about it!

In case you are wondering about the meaning of the title “3WW”, a piece of lyrics from the song gives it all away. “Oh, these three worn words………I just want to love you in my own language” is enough to let you know what the song is all about. How adorable!

Relaxer releases this on June 2nd. Check out the track-list below:

  1. 3WW
  2. In Cold Blood
  3. House of the Rising Sun
  4. Hit Me Like That Snare
  5. Deadcrush
  6. Adeline
  7. Last Year
  8. Pleader

We don’t know about you but we are impatiently waiting for this album!