Owing to this years ‘flavours of India’ theme, the food at The Great Indian Octoberfest, Bangalore, will be a delightful mix of Indian and Continental food.


1. Parathas  from The Indian Paratha Company
Help yourself to a variety of Parathas, Paratzza and Quesadillas with Italian flavors. A healthy compliment to all the beer you’ll be drinking
To check out more of their stuff go to – www.ipclounge.com


2. Hot Dogs by Mr. Meows Hot Dogs

Delicious dogs at a price you can afford. Mr Meows aims to serve you the best variations of the hot dog you can imagine.

Make sure to try their ChilliDog – Hotdog+Ketchup+Mayo+Relish+Bell Peppers+Jalapeños +Chillis+Cheese+Green Capsicum+Chilli Sauce+Tabasco. Sound’s delish, yeah?
Mr Meow

For more : https://www.facebook.com/mr.meowshotdogs


3. Tastes of Continental & European Sizzlers by Tangerine

If hearty and big meals are you’re thing, do check out Tangerines varied continental sizzler menu.  If you’re looking for more snacky food, fret not, their classic chicken burger and hot wings are to die for!

Tangerine sizzlers

For more : https://www.facebook.com/tangerinebangalore


4. Authentic Kolkatta Rolls  by Kati Rolls Zone 

Nothing like a quick chicken kati roll to scarf down when the munchies hit you.

kati roll

5. World cuisine varieties of Egg  by The Egg Factory 

An all day diner that serves eggs in multitude of forms, catering to your hunger in an ‘eggxpress’ manner. Omlettes, scrambles, pastas, curries and desserts!


For more: http://www.theeggfactory.in


6. Fresh Seafood by Fisheteria 

Fancy some delicious fish sticks or a fish fillet burger? Head over to fishetaria to take care of that seafood fix.


For more : http://www.fisheteria.in/fish-tales.php

Beer @ TGIOF –
You will have 13 brands of Kingfisher to choose from including freshly brewed draught Beer & Limited edition TGIOF Beer.

The 10th edition of The Great Indian Octoberfest will kick off on 17th October, grab your tickets here!