Sixteen days of beer revelry at Oktoberfest 2014 recently came to an end. Here are some of the best and brightest moments from the festival!


1. The world’s fastest man closed the festival

Yup, Usain Bolt was at Oktoberfest this year dressed in a traditional Lederhosen and everything. In typical Bolt fashion, the Olympic winner struck his signature pose, blew kisses to the cameras and was the overall life of the party!



2. This man thought it wise to let his kid son drink some beer

And boy! Look at him polish it off!


3. The entire Bayern Munich Football team decided to show up for their visit of Oktoberfest

It’s a longstanding tradition for the team

4.  This is what a traditional Oktoberfest breakfast looks like

 Roast chicken, Bratwurst, Pretzels and beeeeer!



5. Arnold Schwarzenegger was there too!

Indeed! The terminator actor was one of the many famous people present at the event. Even though he didn’t come dressed for the ooccasion Arnold was spotted  at one of the tents who was there to conduct an orchestra was none to shy of the cameras. In fact it would seem, he put on quite the show!

arnold schwarzenegger4

 6.  Strangely enough, Beer consumption at the fest decreased

The fest did manage to attract the stipulate six million who consumed a total amount of 6.5 million litres of beer. However, these numbers are low compared to 2013, when 6.5 million visitors polished off a cool 7.7 million litres of beer.


7. Thankfully, cases of criminal offence and over-intoxication were lower than last year

The festival came to an end with a ceremonial gunshot on the 5th, saw less crime compared to last year. According to police authorities the drop in crime went from 1525 offences last year to 1290 this year. The incidents included mug theivery, vandalism and even the tragic rape of a British man.