India’s favourite camping and music festival, the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival is back this December, so make sure you’re camping ready!

Victorinox’s riveting contest which gives the winner a sponsored travel opportunity to wherever they want to go, led us to thinking about the best music and camping festivals in India and how it is imperative to carry certain things for it (You can sign up for the contest here!). So here’s The Sherp’s check-list of things you ought to take along for the perfect camping experience.


1. Warm clothes and shades.

Do not be fooled by sunny skies and bright horizons. While Aamby Valley is relatively warm and bright by day, the evenings and nights get pretty cold. Temperature can drop from 23 degrees during the day to 13 degrees during the night. So if you’re someone who can’t handle the cold, ditch those hot pants and skirts for jeans and jackets.


2. Portable speakers/mini boomboxes

This would work out great for those of you ready to throw your own mini-after parties/pre-parties at your camp-site. Portable speakers are easy to carry and come with long-lasting battery, making them the must-bring accessory for camping festivals!


3. Glow Sticks

Camping at Bacardi Enchanted Valley carnival is always a delight. Apart from the power-packed festival stages, the party never really ends. Post 10 pm, when the official festival shuts is when the camping area comes fully alive. Live jams take place around bonfires and let’s not forget the every-crazy silent disco amidst the cool winter air. You and your festival friends should stock up on all the glow sticks, to elevate your after-party madness!


4. A snazzy, multi-purpose watch

As one millennial prophesies to another “Keep track of the time, your phone will run out of battery,” it is essential that you sport a durable watch to keep track of time. What’s even better, would be finding a watch with an in-built torch and nightvision, to help you find your way around the venue in the dead of night.



5. Boots

At a music festival, closed shoes are always your best bet. Sneakers, combat boots and converse are the most durable footwear out there, to keep your feet warm, dry and dirt-free. They also come in various styles to match the many outfits you’ll be donning at the four-day music festival. At Aamby valley, the nights get really chilly, so make sure you take care of your feet as you’ll be doing quite a lot of walking.



6. A sturdy backpack

Ditch those frumpy duffel bags and suitcases for something more durable and relatively easier to carry. It would be advisable to pack to the minimum, so you can stuff your clothes into a simple backpack. Since it’s a camping festival, it’s always best to pick a durable, multi-purpose, water resistant and let’s not forget stylish one to flaunt.


7. A flask

To enjoy a hot “cuppa joe” whenever and wherever you please. *wink*



8. Portable chargers

This should ideally be on top of your list, considering how we’re all addicted to our smartphones. Also, three days without taking selfies can really hamper personal growth, ya know?


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