The Faded hitmaker will make a stop in the nation’s capital as part of his Asia tour.

Alan Walker, a young and coming electronic music producer hailing from the UK has become a formidable force to reckon with in the EDM world. Most renowned for his hits, ”Faded” and ”Alone”, Alan Walker has become a popular choice among EDM fans all over the world.

About a week ago, Playboy Club, New Delhi had put out a teaser video that Alan Walker would be performing at the club. Looks like all doubts can be laid to rest as the UK producer has confirmed that he will be performing in New Delhi as part of his upcoming Asia tour.

Check out the teaser here:


Alan Walker’s Asia Tour will include 8 dates in China and one each in Vietnam, India, Hong Kong and Indonesia. The young EDM sensation will perform at Playboy Club, New Delhi on September 20th.

This is a definite gig for EDM fans to look up to and definitely not one to miss!

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