You ain’t gonna stop us!

Ahmedabad’s music fans ain’t gonna let moral police stop them from celebrating. Though they lack supportive audiences, alcohol, and dedicated venues; the city’s music lovers are pushing through in hopes to catch up with the rising music scenario in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi!

This is in spite of what went down at a musical gig hosted by Sofar Sounds, an international organization bringing music to intimate venues and studios. The event witnessed Gujarati police barging in on the hunt for alcohol as a result of Gujarat being a dry state and alcohol being banned at gigs. It was the host’s residential society that lodged the complain and played party spoilers. Taking the high road, the organizers even invited the neighbours in to give them a chance to see the scenario for themselves but their efforts were in vain. The neighbours demanded that the police conduct blood tests on each and every person present.


An audience member went on to say, “It looked like the members were just trying to frame us with something, even after the cops declared that there was no foul play involved. Most people in Ahmedabad think that indie music gigs corrupt the culture of city.”

Meet Bhatt of Fangirl Live said, “This city is used to overpriced venues playing cover music most of the time,” Bhatt said, “There’s a lack of education about independent music and an even more unreceptive audience.”

Music enthusiasts are trying to spread the beauty of music and the various independent genres. Sarmah, who runs BlueTree, a record label in Ahmedabad said, “I’ll be more than happy to record independent artists at my studio,” displaying his own commitment to the cause. “I’m doing a lot of commercial music but ideally I’d like to work with as many indie musicians as possible. There’s a lot of talent in Ahmedabad but they’re stuck to the same type of music.”

Let’s hope things change soon.