The Dutch DJ extraordinaire just dropped a major hint towards India. 

Nick van de Wall, better known as his stagename Afrojack, needs no preamble. His presence in the electronic music scene has been prevalent for quite a while now, though he released his debut album only last year. What better timing could there be for the DJ to come down to India?


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Just yesterday, in a Q&A post on Facebook, Afrojack commented saying, “All questions about India: I’ve got something planned for you in 2015!” So there’s your affirmation, folks.

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With the plethora of international electronic acts gracing India in the recent years– not that we’re complaining; far from it– it’s hardly surprising that Afrojack would hop onto the bandwagon to visit India once again. The last time the DJ was here for Sunburn Arena during the same time in 2014, and needless to mention, it was phenomenal. Keep tabs here, The Sherp will have updates for you soon!