SLEEPLESS is a monthly dance music event curated by one of India’s most prolific performers Ankytrixx.

If you have attended a SLEEPLESS gig, you aren’t new to its pure underground sound, futuristic visuals and dance floor energies. But for those who haven’t had a chance to experience it, the good news is you have a chance to catch it at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). Not to mention, the artist lineup looks really good too.

The dance floor will be packed on 20th October at Cinema Cafe, with attention paid to every element needed for a night filled with good music and a great vibe.

(Credits: facebook/sleeplessatade)

Ankytrixx will be taking the club by storm with his deep house/techno sound. He has been one of Asia’s busiest DJs with over 150 shows annually in the past five years. No wonder he was crowned VH1 MyFav No.1 DJ for electronic music two years in a row.

Joining him will be fellow techno DJ Jayzo who started spinning records back in 2010. His is a name that’s been mentioned in Amsterdam’s underground music scene and he has been a regular at Air Amsterdam. He is also the head of Excess – The Movement, a cutting-edge underground music concept.

The beast from the east, Sunjay Dutta has been around since the 1980s and has been given the title of “the Godfather of house music in India”. We’re sure that’s a lot to live up to, but he does it seamlessly. Apparently, he spends days finding the right tune for a single piece and takes his time to make it as good as possible.

Goa’s STARTEQ is actually DJ Starling’s alter ego with a completely different sound. He started his career at just 14 and has been playing professionally since the last ten years! Imagine his dedication to the music and that too with two different sounds!

Lexlay will also be there to spin some tunes after releasing material with various national and international labels before launching his own “Happy Techno Music”. It works using the concepts of energy, freshness and rhythm, which are simple but a classic mix for his groovy techno sound.

Pal-E a.k.a Arpit Paliwal comes from the musically rich city of Jaipur and it translates well into his music. His name has also been climbing higher on the Beatport Top 100 chart with every album or single release. The man knows how to give you the best music experience and we don’t doubt that.

Belgian artist, Zett Feral, isn’t new to the Amsterdam underground music with his classic style and loads of versatility which seem pretty evident in his tunes. He never fails to entertain the audience he plays for.

Rounding up the artist lineup are is Holland’s favourite, DJ Peter, who will also be joining this already long list. He is another veteran to the business after he came onto the scene in 1985, but he has now established himself within the community like cement.

The talent is endless and you have to see it to believe it. Get some comfortable shoes on and get grooving!