The Sherp has a conversation with sLick!’s leading man Prateek Pandey.

The founder behind sLick! – one of India’s main promoters for underground/techno music – Prateek Pandey is inviting everyone at the Amsterdam Dance Event for a drink and an exclusive showcase that will feature some of India’s best talents. For the last two years, sLick! has been India’s leading portal for the underground house and techno genres. In addition to this, the evening will feature very special guests – DJs from Europe who we love!

Sherp: When did you first ‘hear’ about ADE and when did you first ‘attend’ the event?

Prateek Pandey: I heard about ADE roughly 5 years back through friends and DJs who encouraged me to attend, to grow my global network and meet people from our dance music scene. I attended it 4 years ago and have been going every year since. This will be my 4th year at ADE. I still remember being absolutely clueless during my 1st visit. I think from India we were the first ones to attend ADE along with the Submerge team. 

Sherp: It must be exciting to have a showcase at ADE, how did it happen?

PP: Very exciting! Although blueFROG did a showcase a year back, it’s the first time an Indian promoter/company is hosting its own showcase. That coupled with the fact that we are featuring ONLY underground House/Techno has really created a good buzz about it. 

Sherp: Can you tell us more about your showcase?

PP: We have almost 4-5 international DJs touring India every single week. Is anyone taking Indian DJs to perform outside? Very few, unfortunately. This was the first motive behind the showcase. Of course, ADE is a great place to market your brand as well, and that’s what I’m trying to do. India should not only be associated with mainstream dance music and hopefully a few people will soon be aware of the growing underground House/Techno scene we have here, via sLick! 
Sherp: How vital has ADE been in shaping the way sLick! has grown?

PP: ADE has been able to give me fresh ideas every year. From the seminars, talks, conferences and just meeting different people from all across the globe has given me fresh impetus. Meeting some of the DJs I wanted to book directly at ADE has helped making a few bookings possible. Dubfire for example was confirmed over a delicious lunch 😉

Sherp: ADE is a 5 day-long event, what is your favorite part of it?

PP: The parties at night, without a doubt! Every single DJ you want to hear is right there in Amsterdam during that week, spoiling you for choice.  
Sherp: What are you looking forward to the most at ADE this year?

PP: Since I’ve already mentioned it in my last answer – I would say I’m looking forward to meeting a cute Dutch girl this time around. 

Sherp: Why is it important for promoters like you to attend ADE?

PP: It helps put a face behind a drab Gmail account. Agencies from across the world are attending and they see that if a promoter has actually made an effort to fly down to Amsterdam just for meetings, he must be good or at least professional.


Sherp: Do you think there is scope for something like ADE in India?

PP: In the coming few years – absolutely! India can host an Asia version of ADE according to me. Maybe Ahmedabad can host it, so the letters remain the same?