The much-awaited Bacardi NH7 Weekender lineup is finally out, and as usual, the festival has pulled the impossible by announcing a few BIG names making their Weekender debut.

As always, the lineup is an eclectic mix of musicians from all kinds of genres. There’s an artist for everyone, and this is what makes NH7 so diverse.

Here are 7 acts that are making their NH7 debut this year, and this list has some pretty renowned artists.

1. Steven Wilson

Ah, Steven Wilson is finally in the subcontinent! He’s the founder of Porcupine Tree, and dabbles in a lot of genres, mainly progressive rock. The Grammy-nominated artist has been praised all over the world with his work, and seeing him at NH7 is simply surreal for any Porcupine Tree fan.

2. DJ Premier

DJ Premier is a hip hop legend in the true sense of the term. Right from Biggie Smalls to Snoop Dogg, Premier has worked with everyone. In a poll, he was voted the second best hip hop producer of all time, right after Dr. Dre. This one’s only for hip hop purists, and mad props go to NH7 for booking this guy.

3. RAC

If you’ve been following RAC on SoundCloud, you know just how good RAC is as an electronic music producer. He’s also a Grammy nominee. RAC has done remixes for the likes of Porter Robinson and ODESZA, and doesn’t conform to a genre at all. RAC’s productions are silky smooth, and you cannot go wrong with him.

4. Farhan Akhtar

For a Bollywood actor and director, Farhan Akhtar has a ridiculously hectic schedule as a singer. His Farhan Live outfit has been enthralling colleges all around the country, and he even did a festival in Delhi called U/A. His talents in Bollywood are known to many, but NH7 will finally get a taste of what Farhan Live sounds like.

5. Jose Gonzalez

The announcement of Jose Gonzalez caught all of us off guard. He’s a ridiculously good indie artist from Sweden, and his songs will be great additions to your Easy Listening playlist, if you have one. People around the world love his guitar work, and his songs too. Jose Gonzalez definitely fits the billing, and you should not miss this one.

6. Anoushka Shankar

If you missed Anoushka’s performance at Shanmukhnanda Hall in Mumbai, here’s your chance to watch her again. Anoushka Shankar doesn’t come here for shows very often, let alone festivals. The sitar maestro has a heavy worldwide schedule in the coming months, touring the UK, Belgium, Germany and Sweden, apart from a few more countries. Don’t miss this; you never know when you’ll see her next.

7. Natty

Natty is a reggae/ska/pop artist that should definitely be on your playlist. The Wailers were here to dish out all the reggae last year, and Natty aims to fill the void this year. He has opened for Ziggy Marley once, and his music will sweep you off your feet, for sure.

See you at NH7 this year!