Were you hoping for a miracle? Here it is. Submerge is bringing back the trio to India this year for Group Therapy India!

All of India was blown completely away last year with Above & Beyond descending on to Bangalore to celebrate their 450th episode of Trance Around The World (TATW) along with their very first episode of their new radio show Above & Beyond Group Therapy (ABGT). Fans, not only from all over the country but also from across the globe, flocked to the Jayamahal Palace to be part of this history-in-the-making celebration! And for the unfortunate lot who could not make it to the venue, the event had a spectacular live worldwide broadcast!

Folks, hold your breath… because they ARE coming back to India! Submerge is giving their fans another reason to celebrate! If there’s one word that could summarize the phenomenon of Above & Beyond, it’s surely ‘connection’. Whether it’s the thousands of fans who sing their profoundly heartfelt lyrics back at them at a gig or the millions that tune into their weekly Group Therapy show – the real human connection is at the heart of what Above & Beyond do. They are enclosed at the heart of their fans’ lives.

Above & Beyond have some of the most loyal fans in the world. Some walk down the wedding aisle to their tracks, many have inked their bodies with their lyrics and sometimes, a much-in-love couple choose to get engaged at one of their gigs! The impact this London-based trio has on their fans is unfathomable!

Tony McGuiness, Paavo Siljamaki and Jono Grant have remained down-to-earth and determined as ever to focus on what’s their next goal. This year they celebrate the 50th installment of Group Therapy Radio with their biggest ever UK show at the historic Alexandra Palace.


This year, Above & Beyond will be playing at three cities:

Friday, November 22: Bangalore

Saturday, November 23: Delhi

Sunday, November 24: Mumbai


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Stay tuned for venues and more details!


Meanwhile, here is the official hair-raising and tear-jerking aftermovie of TATW450/ABGT001 in Bangalore: