Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in awe of Burning Man and it’s attempts at creating a community of creative expression. Every year, against the backdrop of the beautiful Black Rock Desert in Nevada comes alive a festival that speaks to every aspect of the human psyche through its mind-blowing music and art installations. Thousands of people and enthusiasts come together to create Black Rock City – an ethereal place with a destitute setting that focuses solely on art, self-expression and community.

What’s even better?   The gradual progress in quality of work ( bizarre, beautiful, radical and visonary are a few words that come to mind) clearly reflecting the endless creativity and imagination of the dedicated Burning Man community. Recently, Huffpost scored a  preview of art and art installations that will be at this year’s edition – all made around this year’s theme, ‘caravansary’ (Oh, we’re jealous!). Have a look.

And remember, this is just the beginning.


“Pulse & Bloom”


“Wheels of Zoroaster”


“Wheels of Fortune”


“A lost Tea Party”




“Super Pool”




“Celestial Mechanica”



To check out the rest,  take a look at the Huffpost article.

(Pictures and information via Huffpost)