Troian Bellisario’s phone and bag were found and returned by a kindhearted stranger but not before he made some hilarious posts from her social media accounts! Later, she got in on the joke too.

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Troian’s Instagram followers were in for a surprise when they first saw this post on their feed. Probably oblivious to who she really was, Jack also commented, “Lol you have a lot of followers.”



This was then followed up by an even weirder post about an untrustworthy Uncle Tony.



On receiving no response from any of her contacts, he then switched to Snapchat to try to get in touch with her.



After waiting some more, he finally headed out to Coachella while also giving her some advice on phone security.

Troian finally responded and posted on her Instagram account with an explanation to her confused fans.



Then Jack boldly asked her if he could use her Coachella All Access bands and she obliged in return for promising to keep her stuff safe! The funny part of course is how he keeps referring to her as “Trojan.”

He then proceeded to have the time of his life, even going backstage while Skrillex was performing. All this and he still can’t get her name right.



Troian was a good sport and played along, even letting him continue posting from her Snapchat.