Moving abroad can seem both exciting and scary at the same. There are a lot of things that you need to consider while planning to move to a different country. It is also very important to make an estimate of your budget and the cost of shipping that you will require. It can be very exhausting to take all factors into account and plan everything accurately. It is thus a great idea to choose a moving company to do that for you.

How to select a moving company

You must trust the company you select for moving your luggage. It is very disappointing if you hire someone and they cannot take good care of your belongings. For moving from the US to Europe there are many options for international moving companies USA to Europe. Here are some important steps you have to take into account before selecting the right moving company for you.

Look for reviews

To make sure the company works hard in satisfying their clients it is always better to look for online reviews. It is always better to research the reputation of the company by asking family, friends, and real estate agents. Online reviews by previous customers can also describe the efficiency of the company.

Define your budget

You have to estimate your budget while selecting a company. After calculating your budget check the prices of different companies and compare them. Cheap companies may not offer the best services. But it doesn’t always mean that if you pay more cash you can get better service. Decide the company based on the services and they offer apart from their reputation.

Look for the services and specialties

Before selection, you must check the services offered by the moving company. Make a list of what services you want and then check if the company offers those services. You may want to take some luggage by yourself and leave the furniture and bigger stuff for them. Or you may want complete packaging and unpacking to your doorstep. Also, check what the company specializes in to select the value-added services of your choice.

Consult with the company

It is always better to talk to the experts or consultants in the company to get a complete estimate for your budget and the services they can offer. You can discuss your special requirements, details of your luggage, and your required time frame. The consultants may help you get details on their services and the estimate of the total budget. You can even call the service providers at your home to discuss details of your stuff and show them what they need to take care of.

Check the credentials

for the safe transfer of your luggage across the border you need to check the business credentials of the company. Check if the company has a legitimate license and for how long have they been in the business.

Best moving companies based in the USA

If you are looking to move out from the USA to Europe because of new employment, education, or just for shifting to a different climate region, many companies in the US can assist you with that. is the best company based in the USA that provide relocation services. All these companies offer domestic and corporate national and international relocation services.

SDC international

This company helps to move from the USA to any part of the world and offers complete shipping and transport. They move the belongings of the clients safely to the destination in a specified time frame.

Atlas Van Lines

This company is based in Indiana and provides an option to ship within the US and overseas. This company offers moving services with transparent rates and storage services. This company also offers the facility of moving automobiles.


This company in Florida is one of the newly certified companies in the US for moving and relocation. They have become very popular due to their great customer service and successful relocations both international and domestic. Apart from these, there are other options for moving companies that you can go for. Be sure to check the insurance an