The PA Bacon festival that is taking place over the weekend in Pennsylvania will be every Pork lover’s paradise


Only about two years old and started by a non-profit in a tiny Pennsylvania town, the PA Bacon Fest is one of the most impressive themed food festivals we have come across. In it’s inaugural year of 2012 the festival attracted over 9000 people to try out bacon wrapped treats like bacon jam, bacon-stuffed pretzels and even bacon cupcakes!

PA_Baconfest_Elizabeth_Judge_Wyant - 03(Image Courtesy :  Elizabeth Judge Wyant/Fest 300)

The festival takes place at the Easton Farmer’s Market, the oldest open air market in the United States, where you will be able to try out and buy tonnes of other goodies like cheeses, meat, breads and other organic farmed or reared food.


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