Pokemon Unite is one of the hottest games in the market right now and every gamer is getting on the hype train. That being said, Pokemon Unite isn’t a really easy game to play as a beginner. The mechanics though being simple, become hard when you use Pokemon that are hard to master. So we decided to make an article giving you the best pokemon for every type in Pokemon unite and today we’ll choose an attacker!

Best Attacker In Pokemon Unite

Attackers in Pokemon are a battle type that is hard-hitting and causes the most damage to the opponent in the games. That being said the responsibility of an attacker also doubles as the team mostly relies on it to cause damage to the opponents, so choosing a good attacker is essential in the game!

Pikachu is by far the best attacker in the game for any new player. If you’re experienced you can go for cramorant, but Pikachu should be the first choice for anyone as it is really beginner-friendly and also a hard hitter.

Pikachu’s static ability makes it a force to be reckoned with from the get-go. It can paralyze oppoenens6t for a brief amount of time but that is enough for your teammates to get a piece of the opponents, In the start, you should opt for the thundershock move as it causes damage and also paralyzes the foe!

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