From elaborate tastings to wine Holi, these festivals have it all!

Wine understands us at all times, be it at our worst or at our best. Wine lovers are basically people who have real appreciation for the good things in life and if you are one of them, this list is perfect for you. We bring to you wine festivals from around the world, that will give you a chance to try out some of the most exquisite yet delectable drinks!

1. Sulafest, India

When: TBA

India’s premium wine festival, the Sulafest is every wine lover’s dream. Set in the beautiful town of Nashik, the festival sees a healthy turnout every year. The glorious campsite happens to be one of the most beautiful spots in the region and is perfect for the chilled out affair that is the Sulafest. The festival is about much more than the wine though as it boasts of a meaty musical lineup as well. Acts such as Lucky Ali, Young The Giant and Kailash Kher have performed here during previous editions.

2. Budapest Wine Festival, Hungary

When: September 7-11

Over the past years the Budapest Wine Festival has truly come of age and is now one of the most prestigious events of its kind in Hungary. Enjoy many popular events, including a Wine University, a wine auction, an arts festival and several live performances. Last year, the festival saw around 15,000 people come in to taste some of it’s exotic wines. The Wine Festival in Buda Castle Hill is an experience for everyone who wants to learn about the art of wine making, sample some of the best Hungarian wines, meet notable wine makers and enjoy Hungarian gastronomy and folk music all in a breathtaking setting.

3. Fête des Vendanges, Montmartre

When: October 5-9



The name of the festival translates as ‘the festival of harvests’ or in other words, a festival that celebrates the harvest of the grapes. The festival is one of the oldest in the world, dating all the way back to 944. The vineyards were wildly popular even back then, but the government decided to do away with them to make way for a real estate project. The people protested strongly by celebrating the beloved wine with a festival centered around it and thus was born Fête des Vendanges. If trying out French wine is your thing, this festival is perfect for you!

4. Bordeaux Fête le Vin

When: June 23-26

This is your ultimate Bordeuax wine experience. The 4-day festival hosts a 2 km wine route set between the Garonne river and beautiful 18th century buildings, with great brands of the Bordeaux. You can expect every distinguished seller of the Bordeaux present here with some of their best wares, as well as samples of other great wines. The festival also has some insane entertainment, such as the Image, Sound and Light Show and Pyrotechnics Festival.

5. Haro Wine Battle, Spain

When: June 29



The word ‘battle’ in the name is there for a reason. Haro, a charming little town in Spain’s La Rioja region transforms into the greatest drunken battle ever. To celebrate the hundreds of beautiful local wineries, the town holds a massive bash where, get this, everyone soaks each other up in red wine. In the mornings, everyone steps out of their houses donning bright white ensembles and then proceed to drench each other up in some delicious wine. The result of course, is a multitude of purple people who are having the best time of their lives, while being severely drunk.

6. Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Melbourne

When: March 3-12, 2017

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival celebrates the gastronomical playground that is the city of Melbourne. From its humble beginnings back in 1993 to its present day brilliance, the festival has grown to dizzying heights. Operating on a not-for-profit basis, the festival’s charter is to promote the produce, talent and lifestyle of Melbourne and Victoria. The festival’s aim is to establish Melbourne as the ‘food and wine capital of Australia’. The festival sees a brilliant turnout of more than 10,000 people every year.

7. Flavor!, Napa Valley

When: TBA



A festival in the hub of all the best wine in the world? Hells to the yes! Held during the Cabernet Season that is all about mild temperatures and heartier meals, Flavor! is the perfect festival to try out some of the finest in farm-to-table cuisine, world-class wines and culinary star talent. Guests will delight in events ranging from local and celebrity chef demonstrations to intimate winemaker workshops along with Grand Tastings and exclusive experiences that bring out the best flavors of Napa Valley. The best part? Proceeds from the event support programs and scholarships at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, in St. Helena, CA.

8. Cellar Door, Australia

When: TBA



Cellar Door is probably what a super wine would be like. Set in the breathtakingly beautiful plains of Adelaide, the festival hosts thousands of people every year. This year, the 3-day festival welcomed up to 180 producers and it’s one of the most iconic festivals on Australian soil. Visitors to the first Cellar Door Fest will be able to sample everything from cheese and chocolate to pinot and pilsner, with all South Australian producers to be showcased equally for their regionality, personality and unique production methods.

9. Albuquerque Wine Festival, Albuquerque

When: May 28-30

The annual Albuquerque Wine Festival in New Mexico is a celebration of New Mexican wineries and their offerings. The three-day engagement features 18 of the state’s vineyards serving up samples of wide-ranging varietals, with bottles available for purchase. Additional attractions include live musical performances, nosh from local food purveyors and art displays.