We take a look at some of the most relatable dance music vines on the internet after its demise!

A few weeks back, news broke out that the video looping service – Vine, was shutting down their company for good. The app, which was formed back in 2012, lets users record a short 7 second video. Although the time may sound really short for a video, over the past 4 years there have been some memorable and world-famous vines. People even made careers out of making vines!

The application saw a collective of 1.5 billion video loops per day, which is a lot. Over the course of their run, there have been plenty of imaginative souls who were fans of electronic dance music. A lot of vines have been captured about the joys and sorrows of being a fan in this day and age.

We take a look at some of the best vines!

1. When you try to match your steps with the beat, but end up looking like an idiot 

2. Every car ride to the music festival

3. When they say the most random words before the drop! 

4. The shit girls do at music festivals. A total classic. And a burn for Coachella girls! 

5. When they leave the camera on you for too long, things get awkward.

6. When special substances help you *feel* the music at its best! 

7. When you don’t get to go for your favourite festival, so you wallow in your own misery.

8. That moment when you channel your inner Beyonce for that killer bass kick.

Long live the internet and long live Vine! RIP!