The people with the hardest jobs at a music festival? The festival security guards. And there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing them let their hair down for once! 

At a music festival, everyone is in their best spirits, dancing away to their favorite tunes and basically having a good time. The people who actually have the hardest job stand by the stage; their backs facing the artists while keeping an eye at the revellers. Given the fact that they see people going crazy for two hours straight, it’s easy to say that the dance worm is bound to enter them at some point. It is at this exact moment that they let loose and the miraculous technology that we have today lets us capture the beautiful moment when boundaries are erased and everyone parties in unity!

Here are some of the moments captured on video when guards have their wall down (literally) and let their moves do the talking! 

1. The B-Boy side of a Detroit Officer at Movement

2. Cop getting lost in the crowd at Rainbow Serpent Festival

3. Miami medic fist-pumping on the back of a truck at UMF! 

4. Oldies get their jam on at South West Four festival

5.  Cops hitching a ride and get their groovin’ at Roskilde festival! 

6. Mardi Gras bringing out the jive in these guards! 

7. Nevada police turning into Burners at Burning Man

8. Defqon security guards starting a dance party with their buds! 

No matter what role you play at a music festival, you just can’t escape the energy of the infectious music playing all around. Given the hard work that they put in, it’s fair to say that the festival security can enjoy a moment or two of letting loose!