Holi is getting an EDM flavour this year with Lawman Pg 3 Holi Reloaded 2017.

India’s premiere electronic dance music festival is bringing English progressive trance Gods – Above & Beyond – to fuel the festival of colours with some unadulterated good times. Plus nine one, a venture of 3rd Rock Entertainment, in association with Submerge, is pulling all the stops to ensure that that 5th edition is going to go down as one of the most memorable Holi parties ever!

Presented by Lawman pg 3 and powered by Volkswagen, you can expect one stellar afternoon. Still not convinced? Here are some pretty convincing reasons that will make sure you grab on to the last few remaining tickets ASAP:

1. Above & Beyond!

Credits: genius.com

The maestros have descended on our land before and have killed it every single time. This cult trance group have been in the business as early as 2000 and run the hugely successful London-based electronic dance music labels Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep. They are also widely known for their weekly radio show ‘Group Therapy’ and have headlined all the major festivals around the world. Phew!

2. The Rest Of The Line-Up Is Pretty Kickass Too

Credits: befunky.com

What’s a party without the best of the best spinning the right tunes at the right moment? Have no fear because India’s console pros are going to drop some sick beats. Catch Pearl, Beyond 120, Avneesh, Nosh & SJ, Helium Project, Bunty and Audio Addict in action, right here.

3. It’s The Hot Spot To Catch Your Favourite Celebs

Credits: CNN.com

Yep. It won’t be unusual to run into a Bollywood biggie or TV star while strolling around the venue. Like every year, this year is also going to be a star-studded affair. So make sure you are selfie ready when the moment arrives.

4. Did You Know Holi Can Be Fashionable?

Credits: archanakochhar.com

If there is anything you have learnt about Holi over the years, it is to step out in your drabbest clothes. But, Holi Reloaded is changing perceptions and bringing fashion into its celebrations with renowned designer Archana Kochhar. She will be showcasing the latest in fashion for Holi and will also launch a new scarf collection inspired by Holi Reloaded. Talk about exclusivity!

5. Children In Need Will Benefit From Your Attendance At The Event

Credits: forbesindia.com

You will be doing your bit for society when you buy a ticket to the event because a part of the proceeds will go towards supporting child education through Smita Thackrey’s Mukkti Foundation. What could be better than delivering the message of “making the world a better place through education”?

6. You Could Be Hob Nobbing With Nearly 8000 People

Credits: meraevents.com

A party doesn’t get bigger than its attendee list. It’s estimated that nearly 8000 will be making their way to JVPD Grounds in Mumbai at 10 am. Let’s just say, the more the merrier.

7. Nikhil Chinapa And Nisha Harale Will Pump Up The Crowd With Their Hosting Skills

Credits: befunky.com

We are all familiar with Nikhil Chinapa’s undeniable charisma. Along with Nisha Harale, they will make sure you warm up and stay hot throughout the celebrations.

8. Because What’s Holi Without A Little EDM

Credits: facebook.com/holireloadedindia

Nobody can deny that EDM is the music of this generation. Festivals swear by it, fans groove to it; it’s everywhere in all forms. So, when given the chance to celebrate the most fun-tastic Indian festival with the music of our times, who’d want to miss out?

So grab your tickets here and gear up for Holi Reloaded 2017.