The 747 Project is the most happening place to be at Burning Man. Here’s why. 

The festival began on the 28th of August and it is bigger than ever, but a certain art installation is stealing the spotlight from The Man. Big Imagination Foundation, an artist collective, launched a funding campaign on Indigogo which has proved to be the most talked about topic at Black Rock City.

After raising over 86,000 dollars, the team created an in-flight experience of a lifetime after completely transforming the plane into the ultimate music and art venue. With the ambience of a swanky nightclub and the roof being sliced in half to create an outdoor deck, the plane is the festival’s most mesmerising piece to date.

(Credits: The Creators Project)

Yup, trippy as hell. And when you board this special flight, passengers are asked to write down the answer to “What baggage do you need to lose?” How thoughtful!

(Credits: Business Insider)

But don’t worry about not being able to lose your own baggage or attending the festival to board the flight, the foundation is in talks to develop a VR app to enjoy the 747 Project at your leisure. But in the meantime, you will have to wait for the next flight.